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All vegetarian dishes include Injera or rice and salad

#17  Shimbra Asa (chick Peas)    $13
Chick peas flour made as crunchy pastery
and braised and sautéed in a berbere sauce
favorite Ethiopian seasoning

#18  Yater Kik Alicha (split peas)    $13
Split peas cooked and seasoned with onions,
pepper, turmeric powder, fresh ginger and
garlic (mild)

#19  Yemisir Kik Wat (split red lentils)    $13
Split red lentils cooked in Berbere sauce (favorite
Ethiopian seasoning based on hot and red
peppers), onion, fresh garlic and fresh ginger.

#20  Cabbage and Carrots    $13
Cabbage and carrot delicately sauteed with
turmeric powder, onion, fresh ginger and
garlic (mild)

#21  Azifa (uncracked lentils)    $11
Fresh lentils, red onions, hot African mustard
and hot green peppers

#22  Ful    $10
Kidney beans with chopped fresh tomato,
hot green peppers and red onions in a special
butter and home-made cheese (hot or mild)

#23  Shiro    $13
Chick pea flour simmered in a slowly cooked
onion and garlic and berbere Sauce
(Ethiopian seasoning)

#24  Spinach and Potatoes    $13
Chopped spinach cooked with chunks of
potatoes and braised in to onion and vegetable oil

#25  Inguday Tibs    $13
Portobello mushroom marinated and sautéed
with red onion, and jalapeno pepper

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