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All entrees include Injera or rice and salad


#7  Doro Wat     $16
Chicken breast cubes marinated in lemon
juice, then sauteed in spiced butter and
seasoned with garlic, onions, fresh ginger
and is coated in berberee sauce (a favorite
Ethiopian seasoning) based on hot and
red peppers. (hot)

#8  Doro Alicha     $16
Chicken breast cubes marinated in lemon juice
then sautéed with turmeric,garlic, and fresh
ginger in an Ethiopian mild seasoning


#9  Yebeg Wat     $16
Lamb cubes marinated an braised in an
Ethiopian special Berbere sauce


#10  Yegurage Kitfo $17
Lean ground beef exclusively blended and
spiced with special butter and Gomen
(collard green) and Ayeb (home made cheese)
(hot or mild) (an Ethiopian version of steak
tartar - rare, medium rare or well done)

#11  Marathon Special Tibs $17
Cubes of beef fried with pepper, rosemary,
onion, spiced butter and fresh tomatoes
served with salad. (hot or mild)

#12  Lega Tibs $17
Chunks of beef fried in a delicate Ethiopian
butter (Nitre Qibie), with fresh onion and jalapeno
peppers (mild)

#13  Gored Gored $17
Tender beef cubes served rear or medium rear
in hot Berbere sauce. Favorite Ethiopian
seasoning based on hot red pepper

#14  Key Wat $16
Lean beef cooked in hot Berbere sauce.
Favorite Ethiopian seasoning based on hot
red peppers

#15  Siga Becarrott $16
Lean beef sautéed with stripes of carrot sticks
and simmered with turmeric based Mild
Ethiopian seasoning

#16  Cornis $16
Kitfo ,ayib and spinach topped up and
coved Injera Firfir (pices of injera braised
with keywat #12

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